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Social Media Strategy

These pages document the existing social media strategy and future plans.

It has been alleged that the internet giants proprietary algorithms do not give much traffic to Green Party and Climate change information, so one has to has to ask how to have a social media strategy that works during a media blackout.  


Twitter supports millions of followers, so politicians use it, it is a good place to start.   But the problem is that we get just enough traffic to keep us engaged.  The solution to this was Twitter Group DM's. @Green_Maps now has an increasing number of different group DM's.   They used to work brilliantly at increasing user engagement, because everyone is notified of every Green posting.  Which is not at all true for regular Tweets.
But now they have gotten very quiet.  I suspect that not everyone gets notifications of all postings.  We coudl run an experiment to verify this.  Post on a twitter group DM, and check via a different channel if notifications happened or not. 


Facebook supports groups.  Generally a posting to a group will reach everyone who checks that group frequently.  tt has been reported that one can post to a group, see the posting, but that no one else can see it.  So one needs to be careful.  On the other hand most postings probably go though.  Accordingly it makes sense for a state party to be able to post to all of its local parties' group pages.  For that we need to use the Facebook api.  We have the data of all GP US local parties,  The problem is that Facebook no longer lets you make such posts for free.  You have to sign up for a paid service.  Bummer. But probably worth it, at least on he national level. 


Discord is the newest and best organizing platform.  There are no algorithms to control who sees what.  Instead they depend on local moderators to control things.   Until WallStreetBets happened, there were no reports of them censoring people Sadly the GP is not very strong on Discord.  There are volunteers  who want to help state and local parties move to discord.  


Email is the granddaddy of all social media.  But it has a number of problems. In particular younger people do not like it.  And younger people are the future.  Accordingly until now I have avoided it.   On the other hand, email is reportedly the most effective.  Which makes sense, because if you can get people to sign up for email, they are already very committed to your cause.  Then I discovered, really two Greens I respect, told me that they are using Free accounts.  Swiss based.  All traffic between users is encrypted.  They cannot read the contents, so you do not have to worry about their spam filters blocking Green emails.  Perfect.   Plus they support email list servers, I can send unlimited emails.  

Google Search

It is actually quite hard for a new person to find their local Green Parties and candidates.   The solution to this problem is to use a map of the Green Party.  It is now possible to add such maps to any web site with a single line of HTML, a script tag.  

  Social Media Strategy

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