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How to publish a newsletter

There are many ways to publish a newsletter. At the end I say which one I prefer.

Email has its problems.  The spammers and anti-spammers have engaged in a technical arms race, very expensive to play in that.   Young people do not like it.   It is not the future.

Twitter, well they censored Green and MRA stuff.  Will not treat us well.  And by default limit you to 1000 DM’s a day.  Discord will do 3 a second.  3 *60 *60 *24 = 24,000 / day just off a single server.  Sharding will do more.

Facebook, well that is even more tightly constrained.  They have been reported to delete DM’s, and show you a group post, but hide it from others.


And the process of getting people to sign up generates a database of the people in this server.  With emails.   Or I could do a signup with just the Discord api.  The later is perhaps better, perhaps worse.


And discord has this nice property that you can send out messages one at a time.  As each article is approved, it can be announced to the world.

In any case, Discord has nice cell phone applications, which people will be happy to use.

Of course the problem with Discord is that they store the messages forever.  What a waste of energy.

Of course the real winner is RSS.  No social media company in the middle blocking you.  No permanent storage.  


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