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How to be a Volunteer

How to be a Volunteer

Being a volunteer is completely different from working for a company.

First of all you do whatever you want.  No one should be telling you what to do. 

And you do it whenever you want to.  None of this deadlines and deliverable stuff. 

So how does anything get done?  Well there is an excellent story I heard about the Community Gardens in Washington State.  10 families get together to run a garden.  One person loves to plough the fields.  A good muscular job.  Another person loves to build fences.  He is into construction.  Someone else just adores planting.  It is so creative.  And there are even those who love weeding.  (I hate it)  And some love to install drip irrigation systems.  At the end of the day, there is one job that nobody likes, everyone gets together to do it, and so it does not take long. 

So what do you like to do?

One last point, even though you do things when you want, it is good to let others know your plans. Many volunteer, but some disappear.  Please do not disappear.  Do not ghost us.  Let the others you are working with know that you are interested, but cannot do it right now.  Keep them updated.  And if you do decide to move on, please let us know, so that we are not waiting on you. 

Hope that helps. 

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