Green Party Map Server


I never used to understand why it took so many people to make a movie. Software seemed so solitary. Now I get it. Please read everyone's contributions below.


Hana, my girlfriend, who takes care of everything, so that I can hyper-focus on software development and talking to people.

@NotAlexNoyle who tireless entered 70% of the data,  listened to my nutty ideas, and filed ceaseless bug reports, and feature requests. 

@CMBlankenhorn ex GP co-chair, IL GP co-chair, who also entered large amounts of data. 

The members of the Howie Hawkins Base Camp Map Data Project, who entered the rest of the data. 

@Aav who does a great job running our discord server. 

Ideas @MitchRanda11 who provided a clear workable strategy on how to change the system, without depending on the politicians to do anything. 

@TurboKitty who drove our whole Twitter Data Privacy and Phone Tree ideas, now merging. 

@UxMonty who is moving us from focusing on getting it working, to focussing on the user experience.    Very difficult to get the software developers, to understand the experience from the user’s perspective. @UxMonty is quite persistent at keeping us user-centered. Thank you.

Hillary of the GP CCC, who pointed out that if we do not list Federal candidates, we are not subject fo FEC reporting requirements. That moves us to state servers, and eventually international servers. 

@CMBlankenhorn who really focussed us on local parties being the way to organize grass-roots democracy. 

Nassim, who coined the term "Elusive Developer", crystalizing why the GP's software risk aversion. 

Software Contributors

Trollfot who spent 5 years rewriting Zope 3 and Grok and creating Cromlech and Dolmen.   A brilliant piece of work. 

Jim Fulton who developed Zope and the ZODB.

Guildo Van Rossum, who developed Python. 

The authors of the 55 Python libraries and several Javascript libraries used. 

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.