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Twitter Social Political Graph

This is how to build a Green Party Social Political Graph


First of all please back up your twitter contacts list to prevent getting cancelled and loosing your contacts.  It is free to download your own data.

Then we import all of that gorgeous data into a database, and begin Twitter Banking.  Volunteer to contact a few people.  You start with your own followers.  Skip the ones not in your state. The database will assign that contact to you, and prevent duplicate contacts.    You chat with that person.  Ask  for permission to connect them to the appropriate Green Party Chapter or Caucus.  Ask their favorite channel.  Since they are already following you on Twitter, easy to add them to the correct Twitter Group DM.  Or ask them to sign up and submit their email address to their local/state/national/caucus Group.

And we track that relationship.  Pretty soon we have an active social-political network for everyone in the country, organized by a geographical tree.  National->State->County->City-Person.  Also organized by  caucus.   And we have a graph of personal relationships to mobilize those voters/volunteers/donors.

Thank you @Mathemattic for point the way on this.  It also had to wait until a group like this Texas one was active enough to make it happen.

What does everyone think?

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.