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Posting To Facebook

It was asked if we should use facebook.


“Is it worth using Facebook”.

In general people should get off of facebook , and we should pull people off of facebook.   Twitter is not as strong in the market, and so is more permissive. Discord is even more permissive.  Best is Mastadon.


These Twitter group DM’s being a good example of no censorship, AFAIK.  In contrast it has been reported on facebook, that you can post to a group, see your posting, but no one else can see it.  So facebook has amazing censorship tools.


On the other hand, there are a ton of people on facebook, and we do need to reach out to them.  I do not trust Face Book feeds to give us traffic, maybe just enough to keep us engaged,  but if you post in a facebook group, usually everyone who visits that group can see it.  Should you post in one facebook group?  Well yes if it is very relevant.  Tx state green party group.  But that is an echo chamber, only the people who are already greens will see it.


What is more interesting is posting in multiple facebook groups simultaneously.  One can do this manually, if a bit painful.  Reportedly one cannot do this automatically with the api.  But there are services that sell this option.  About $10 a month.  Maybe not worth it for the state parties, but if the national party could use it, well worth it.  Particularly since we now have the database of all Facebook Groups.   The api vendors did not expect so many groups to be used.  Maybe they have limits.  Maybe we would get blocked, even if paid for, but one can audit for that.

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