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Uncensored Green News

How do we circumvent MSM media censorship of BLM, Climate Change and the Green Party? With an email newsletter, which links you to the best curated articles in your areas of interest. Please sign up.

There is a huge problem with internet censorship, fake news and too much information.  The way around this is with an email newsletter which links you to trusted news articles, curated by editors, on the topics of interest to you. It will also include information about your local, state and national Green Party candidates for office. 

The corporate funded Republicans and Democrats have lots of money for internet advertising.  The way we beat the money is with great technology and grass roots support.  In particular, in the US there are still many  ISP's which do not censor emails. 

You can choose how often to receive this newsletter.  Initially the email will include links to articles by David Sirota, Robert ReichChris Hedges and the Heated Blog.  It will also include pointers to interesting tweets, and facebook posts with a reminder that by liking, retweeting and sharing, you can help provide publicity to the Green Party. 

You could also forward the email to your friends, or post it on mailing lists.

Why are we using this approach rather than using the native follow tools or search algorithms?  Well the problem is that Twitter and Facebook have proprietary algorithms which determine what you see and do not see.  Advertisers get priority.  Since our opponents spend a fortune on advertising, we do not trust the algorithms.  But we do trust that you will either receive our emails, or change  email providers.  And we also trust that if you forward the email, your friends will receive it.   In the US, email still circumvents censorship. 

We are also concerned about censorship in the real world. Did you know that "Since May 26, more than 300 press freedom violations were reported nationwide by journalists."  Most of them involved violence against reporters, which immediately disrupts reporting.  This is visible censorship.  Our emails will also circumvent  the invisible algorithmic censorship. 

With everyone republishing content, our exposure will be huge.  The rule of thumb is that people have to interact with us 7 times to vote Green.  This approach is intended to reach that objective.

If you are running for office, or running a state party, we would like to help you with this service.  You can choose what tweets, links and posts to send to people in your state.

If you are a local, state, or national green party, or caucus, we ask for your help in publicizing this process and recruiting volunteers.

If you run a caucus, you can choose which topics to send to your followers. 

The Twitter rule on spam is do not repost, but it is fine to retweet.  The reddit rule is do not brigade.  The Facebook rule is that it is okey to share.   We are also interested in Mastodon, Pinterest and other social platforms. 

Comments are most appreciated.  This is a very rapidly evolving internet technology.  “All of us are smarter than any of us.”

  Uncensored Green News

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