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Discord Classes For Greens

Discord Classes For Greens

If you run a political campaign or local party, you need a place for your team to work together. We recommend Discord.

Classes will be run by Christopher Lozinski  and/or UxMonty on the Green Party Maps Discord Server

Discord not only gives your organization tools and functionality, it is a community platform that is set to take over Facebook groups in the next 6 - 24 months.  Already much of our target demographic, the younger generation, has moved to Discord. 

Discord is quite easy to get started on, but it takes a while to take advantage of all of its features.  We are this offering free classes on how to run your Green Party or campaign on a Discord server. By the end of this class you will have exercised most of its features, and heard stories about what has worked best for others. 

 Why  not stick with Facebook, Basecamp ($99/Month), or Zoom (45 Minute Limit).  On Discord you get  text chat, audio chat, video chat, screen sharing, and announcement channels.  For the young at heart, you get emojis and gifs. You get 500 channels with fine grained control over who gets to see and say what. Quite easy to customize it to fit your organization's unique needs.  And a brilliant API. 

There will be four parts to the class. 

  1. Basic Discord Usage.  Signup, login, post a message are all quite easy.  We will teach you about shift-enter, links, Emoticons, and Gifs both technically how to use them, and culturally how the younger people use them.
  2. Managing a Channel.  We will teach you about roles permissions and hierarchy.  We will each run our own channel, visit each others channels and test the security. We will discuss moderatino, kicking, banning and netiquette. 
  3. Bots.  Which bots should you use, how to add and manage them.   
  4. Publicity.  How to get publicity for your campaign and discord server.   Disboard and bumping.  Our experiences. We will focus a lot on the MSM blackout of Green Party information, and how o circumvent it through local organizing. 

We invite you to our discord server



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