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How to get publicity on twitter.

I was partially wrong. I thought Twitter limited our reach. Actually if you mention people, I believe they all get notified.

@TurboKitty does this with follow fridays. She posts an image, or a link, and mentions as many progressives as she can.   It works great.  She even got flagged by Twitter marketing, so they know she is doing it, but it still works. It has to. If mentions were censored, the two users would talk, and know about it. It would be bad publicity. Maybe he same for Group DM's. In fact, I have successfully started to use this technique. When I announce a candidate, I include the list of state twitter accounts as a mention. It works quite nicely. Not as good as going viral, but good enough. I can ensure that everyone in the Green Party knows of my work. That is good enough for me. I encourage everyone else to use this technique. Post your thoughts on a web page, link to it, and mention your followers. It may take a few tweets to mention them all, but it really does work. That will get our message widely distributed. How do you get your list of followers.

How to download your followers list.


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