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FaceBook Groups Plan

How will we work with Facebook Groups?

Recently someone shared a link to the maps in 50 different facebook groups.  I did not even think that was possible.  "When they block me for over posting, I just wait a while and then continue" Today I learned that Nevada has a Youth Greens Facebook page.  Effectively a local YES caucus.  That group had been hidden to me. How to make Facebook work better for us?

We have the most amazing database of Facebook pages and Groups.  The list of all of the state facebook pages  and groups, the list of all of the facebook pages and groups in every state, both for local parties, candidates and elected officials, both current and historical. 

Twitter supports lists of groups, but Facebook has no such feature.  So what should we do?

The plan is to create a Facebook bot that can post to Facebook groups which invite it.     Not that hard to do.  Or the group could give us permission to act as them.  That is a bit harder.  Then one could post to all of the facebook groups in a state, or even nationally, or to all of the groups for a caucus.  

Anyone could submit a post, but it would be reviewed  by the bot administrator before being submitted to Facebook.   We do not want to post spam, and get the bot kicked.   When the bot administrator approves the posting, then the facebook groups might also implement a review process before it goes live on facebook.  Or they could give us admin permission to post directly. 

I also should say a few words about Facebook technology.  Facebook has user pages, and groups.  Anyone can follow either.  Facebook then has secret proprietary algorithms which determine what you actually see.  We do not know how those algorithms work, but it is alleged that the carbon lobby pays large amounts to facebook to suppress Green Party and climate change information.  Certainly many Americans do not believe in Covid, one can only ask what media are they using. 

But the Facebook groups appear quite uncensored.  If you go to a facebook group you see the posting there.  Either sorted by most discussed or by most recent.  Surprisingly uncensored from my perspective.  Indeed so many political protests around the world organize on Facebook, it seems uncensored.  Did Occupy Wall Street organize on Facebook? If so, that is a good sign. 

Now I just wonder if they will really give us permission to post to hundreds of facebook groups.  We will see.  If that fails,, GreenParty Facebook groups could give us permission to post as them.  Or each could even have their own bot, which talks to our bot.  Really really hard to censor that approach, without censoring all bots.  


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