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Branded Curated Fundraising Newsletter

Branded Curated Fundraising Newsletter

A branded curted fundraising newsletter generates revenue and circumvents the Green Party media blackout.

The Green Party faces two major problems. The first is the media blackout. it is alleged that GP and Climate change news just do not do well in the MSM news feeds driven by secret proprietary algorithms. The second is fundraising. Candidates do not have an easy time fundraising. The solution to both of these problems is a curated branded news letter. I release it for free to the candidates, you charge say $5.00 /month for a subscription. Ideally it will have your branding. It should come from your domain name. Have you logo. PayPal does a great job managing the FEC reporting requirements.

How do I write it? I don’t. There is just too much good content out there to compete. I curate it. I already use RSS to read in the best Green news sources, every day I search through my feeds, find a few good articles and post them. You can read the most recent ones here.… So if you are interested in a way to do fund raising, in a way to circumvent the media blackout, and to develop closer contacts with your supporters, feel free to respond in this channel.

About the Process

There are many excellent news sites around the world.  Their content is usually available by RSS.  The maps site, reads those RSS feeds, shows the most recent ones to a curator, who can then sort them into the correct categories.  Over time a Taxonomy of articles is created.

News is generated by looking at the newest items on any branch of the tree.  There is an optimized lazy caching function, which calculates the most recent items from among its children’s caches.  Updates only have to recalculate the news articles parent’s caches.



  Branded Curated Fundraising Newsletter


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