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How to Curate News

This is an instruction manual for curating news.

There are many excellent news sources on he web.  This web site reads the news articles using an RSS reader, and then editors manually curate them.  When an editor looks at a news page, this is what  one article looks like. 

If they click on the reject button, the article will disappear.  If they click on the approve button, this is the form they will see. 
The form is cut into 3 images as it is too tall. 

Above here you can see how to edit the title and description.  Usually their title is good, sometimes the description should be edited.  

Above this you can see the visible or  check box.  Making it not visible is the same as rejecting it. 
Publishing it means it can be moved into the publishing taxonomy.  It is a tree of topics.  The list below says which topic to add it to. 


You can click into individual topics.  Click on a circle next to a topic, and then hit the submit button (not shown), and the article will be moved to the correct place, and displayed to the public. 

The software tracks who approved articles. 

Comments are always appreciaqted. 



Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

GreenMaps is a volunteer effort, separate from The Green Party of United States.