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Twitter Group DM Introductory Message

Twitter Group DM Introductory Message

Please send this to people when they join your Twitter Group DM.


Here is an introductory message for new Group DM invites.  You may want to send it to the people you invite.


Thank you @_________ , thank you for following me.  I have added you to the  _______ Group DM.

We first created a  Group DM for  for TX, it was a roaring success.

The TX group DM has really energized the TX Green Party.  Volunteers have created candidate Instagram pages, Facebook groups, graphics, memes, t-shirts, face masks, and discussed campaign finance rules.

On Facebook Group postings, or Twitter Tweets, the proprietary algorithms determine when you are notified. It is alleged that they do not treat Green Party or climate change content fairly.   On Twitter Group DM’s you get notified about every posting.  So people get way more engaged with their local Green Party.  Which is why we have accomplished so much so fast.

On this Group DM you will find several people from ________, and once you see how effective Group DM’s are, you guys can start a group DM for Houston.

Please invite your geographically close follows to join.  When you invite them, please send them this message.

Then as the group gets bigger, split up, and start separate city Group DMs.  Better yet start your favorite city Group DM right away.

The only question is how can people ever  find the Group DMs?  We just have to add the leader to the state social graphs on GreenMaps.US,  and then people can follow the leader, and the leader adds them to the City Group DM.


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