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Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter Direct Messages

The core problem facing the Green Party is that our news is hidden by the media blackout. Twitter Direct Messages to groups solves this problem for us.

This article covers the following topics:

  1. The older options
  2. The twitter Direct message Solution
  3. Avoiding Noise

The older options

In the very old days, you could use a phone tree ot call everyone directly.  That was a lot of work.  

More recently people  would send out mass emails.   But young  progressive voters do not like email and the technological race between the spammers and spam filters makes this a technically expensive solution.  Worse yet, The carbon lobby is rich and spends their money freely. I am sure that the spam filters mistreat Green Party messages.  

Nowadays an sms to each person is better, or a group sms, but they may also incur   fees.  Your friends won't like that.   And you cannot transmit that much information. 

Posting on facebook groups sounds good, but the message only goes to the local group.  And even then it has been reported that people post to a facebook group, they see their message, but no one else does.  Not good. 

TheTwitter Group Message Solution

WithTwitter Group Messages, 

  1. you send a message to 20 friends;
  2. who send it to 400 friends;
  3. who send it to 8000 friends
  4. who send it to 16,000 friends (we win local elections)
  5. who sent it to 320,000 friends
  6. who send it to 6,400,000 friends (we win state elections)
  7. who send it to 12,800,000 friends
  8. who send it to 256,000,000 friends (We win national elections)

The great ting about Twitter Direct Messages is that we control who sees what.  The Twitter algorithms have no say in deciding what we see.  The only people who decide what we see are the people at every level of the tree who decide what their 20 friends get to see. 

And they are sending the message to their friends.  There is a relationship, the friends would give them feedback, the signal improves. 

Minimizing Noise

  You could tweet.  That gets liked and retweeted.  A lot of noisy useless notifications.  My network tells me it is a problem.  Direct messages solve that problem.  No retweets, no likes.  And please DO NOT respond to the group direct message.  Reply to the author directly.  This is not a chat room, it is a broadcast facility, in the time of media censorship.  Do not pollute our very scarce uncensorerd channels, unless it really is a message which concerns everyone in the group.  And besides, this group is not your social network, it is my social network.  Go post your messages to your social network, which I may or may not be a part of. 

Twitter Group Direct Message Instructions

How to send Twitter Direct Messages to Groups

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.