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How to use the Green Party Social Graph

i just had an excellent conversation with @dbcgreentx about how to use the Twitter Phone Tree.

He is the man who wrote: “Green Maps Project Is Dizzyingly Impressive”.

The trees are really about two things.  Relationships, and avoiding censorship.  Exponential growth will be a side effect.

Let us talk about relationships.

@dbcgreentx has two communities he moves in.  One is the state Green Party, the other are the groups in Houston fighting a major highway construction into the city.  Evidently the politicians never read about climate change, and they certainly do not listen to voters.  Not unless the people are storming their offices.

First let us talk about the local groups.

There are several anti-highway groups.  Some are pro democrat, some are anti democrat, some are anti-greens.  Some love biden and his new highway administrator.   Best not to focus on Greens vs non-Green, just focus on sharing the local news, with an occasional critique of the national highway policy.  Engage with the other local activists.

But wear a Green T-shirt.

Then there are the local Green leaders.  @dbcgreentx knows them, but would prefer to meet new people.  As a volunteer he is free to do whatever he wants, but I would encourage him to train the senior TX Greens on how this phone tree works.


Once they get it, they can spread it to the rest of the state and national party.  He said that the state party leader is a very charismatic speaker.  “Great push her videos in the twitter tree” I replied.

As for circumventing censorship, there is no way for Twitter to block these Tweets without the twitter friends finding out, and creating a public relations nightmare for Twitter. 

He asked about doing 10 phone calls, rather than tweeting to 10 people.  That is way way more work.  But also an important part of building and maintaining those key relationships.

He asked about all the people who are not on Twitter.  A really good point.  But  we have enough people to recruit on Twitter

He asked about integrating with the states Nation Builder database.  “It is not about processing large amounts of data” I replied.  “it is about building personal relationships.”

I learned a lot from this conversation.  I will follow the advice I gave him, and focus on my key relationships.  


Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.