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Editorial Policy

What algorithms do we use to curate the news?

None.  The decisions are all made by a human, using a lot of automation. 

There are two parts to the editorial process.  How do we source the news, and how do we curate the news. 

The news comes directly from trusted websites, using an RSS feed.   You can see the tree of sources here.  Whenever we find a new site we like, it gets added to the feed.  

There is then a very subjective evaluation of which articles to recommend.  On every review cycle, I scan the 10 most recent articles, and decide which ones look interesting.  I read them, and if I like them I recommend  them.  I must admit that certain authors I really like, and so I approve their articles much faster.  New authors are more carefully reviewed. 

Which articles do I like?  Well I have a world view, and generally I approve articles which support that world view.  My view is that corporate money controls US politics, and so there is both corruption, and an investment in empire to supply the corporations with the resources they need.   Corporate profits are more important than climate change, the health and education of the US population, and international peace, democracy and human rights.   And rather than reporting the news, the mainstream media is focused on manipulating the media for the benefit of the corporations which own he media.  While the real battle is between the 1% and the rest of the world, they manage to distract us by saying it is the mexicans, the arabs, the Chinese, the Russians, the iranians,

I do not report on Israel, China, Russia, identity politics, feminism or sports.  

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