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NRCV Software Plans

NRCV Software Plans

This page describes what we plan to change in the software.

National Strategy

  1. Skin. Copy your skin from /contact  or /donate and use it.  (The Software works, needs a CSS Upgrade). 
  2. Domain. Rename to NRCV.GreenMaps.US. The extra 'n' statnds for national. That URL now works, but it is a development URL, meaning it can go up and down.  
  3. Domain 2. Point at the GreenMaps.US server.  
  4. Domain 3. Later we will move maps... to point to ).  That is a more secure production web server run and managed by @NotAlexNoyle.
  5. Path. Change the name of the landing page.   Right now it mentions the word Green. NRCV will include other parties. Change it  from /map-of-local-and-state-green-parties-and-caucuses to /map-of-state-and-local-organizations.  Is that okay Alex? We have to redirect the old pages to the new ones. 
  6. Edit Form. Add a form for editing MapOrganizations.  (The states with maps).  It would be based on JSON schema.  To see the examples, click into a state and click on Add ->Add Candidate, Add Elected Official, or Add Party Officer. So each such state would have an attached json RCV object.  You could edit the json schema in the browser, and the form would update. 
    1. Signatures Required by Year
    2. Signature Collection Start Date
    3. Signature Collection End Date
    4. Link to SoS page on signature gathering rules. 
    5. Text area, an HTML blob for additional notes and regulations. 
  7. Table View. Create a table of state maps.  For each state display its data.  Add a link to click into and edit the state. Something like this
  8. All states. Make all states (Organizations) into state maps (MapOrganizations)  
  9. Coropeth (Colored) Map. Display the different map colors baed on the data.  


   The national maps give the big picture, but people need to connect to your local groups. So first create an organization object for your national group, then duplicate that for all states.  When they click into a state, they will click into your state organization object, and use its contact info. 

  1. Add your national organization to the appropriate state. 
  2. Login, I give you permission, and you edit it and add content.
  3. Make it look the way you want.  
  4. We duplicate that across all states. 


Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

GreenMaps is a volunteer effort, separate from The Green Party of United States.