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Break The Duopoly Proposal.

Break The Duopoly Proposal.



Okay, so what do we do next?  Technically there are two different strategies.  Focus on the national picture, or focus on a particular state.  My inclination is to focus on the big picture.  I am an abstract thinker, as are you I suspect.  

The lesson from the Green Party is to organize locally.  They do best in local elections, the smaller the community the better.  The democrats and republicans focus on the big money national elections and buy tons of ads, the Greens do best with people working together, reaching out to their community.   Our Texas Twitter Group DM has been fantastically successful.  But that is a relatively local group. 

But that is your choice.  My job is just to give you options. 

So some background.  Ideally we would have a national map.  its children would be states.  Its children would be parties, Green, Libertarian, Maybe People’s party.  Maybe other.  

The state parties children would be all of the local parties and candidates of that party.  

Sadly that is not the current data model.  There is a national map.  Its children are either state parties with maps (Python Class MapOrganization) or state parties without maps.  (Python class Organization).  Their children are local parties and candidates. 

Here is a list of states which already have their own map.

Quite easy to add a state or two.  A bit harder, but necessary to add in all states.

If you are curious, here are the most active Green party states.

Although really I should normalize for population.  Certainly the most successful are CA, followed by PA.  Alex is from PA. 

Why does all of this impact you?



  Break The Duopoly Proposal.

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