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Nevada Green Party

Nevada Green Party

The Green Party of Nevada seeks to break the two-party system and establish a government and economy that works for all. Please scroll down to read the news.

Nevada Green Party

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Nevada Green Party

The Nevada Green Party is is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States. We are committed to environmental wisdom, social justice, non-violence, and grassroots democracy, and our candidates do not take corporate contributions. Greens have the courage and independence to build coalitions and to seek common ground solutions for a sustainable future.

Local Parties

National Ranked Choice Voting Nevada on Twitter National Ranked Choice Voting Nevada
Young Ecosocialists of Nevada

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It is alleged that Facebook and Twitter throttle our traffic, so please try the alternatives. Follow Uncensored News on Mastodon, join the Unofficial Green Party Discord Server or use the subscribe button below to connect by email. Better yet, send me a personal email.

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