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How to create your own web site

How to create your own web site

Green Maps make it really fast and easy to create a campaign or local party web site.

  1. Click into your state, click drop down menu.  Add -> Add Candidate
  2. Fill out the form. 
    1. @NotAlexNoyle receives an email and approves you. 
  3. Login using Google Login. 
    1. we give you permission to edit your site. 
  4. Add your photo.  Drop down menu, Manage->Add Logo.  If it stills shows the old logo, do shift reload, to clear the cache. 
  5. Edit your page, add your social media links. Add other pages. 
  6. With all of the effort you just saved, go out and win your election. 

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

GreenMaps is a volunteer effort, separate from The Green Party of United States.