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How to Create An Instant Web Site

How to Create An Instant Web Site

These are the steps to create a website for you. Really in 1/2 an hour you can have a new site.

#1 Go to

#2. Click into your state.

#3. Click the Add Button -> Add Candidate.

#4 Fill out the form and submit it. No need to enter lat and lng, just your address.  

#5 We get an email, we approve your page

6# We add an entry to the webserver, and a few minutes later you have a web site.   

7# Log in. We then give you permission to upload a photo, add and edit pages. You are looking good.

8# Acquire a domain name and point it to Get a geek friend or ask  my boss  @NotAlexNoyle to help you do that. 

9# Tell us your domain name, and (soon) your domain will work. 8

10# With all that time, money and effort saved, help your local Green Parties get their own web sites also, and :

11# Here is the really important part. Go out and win your election.

Pleae let us know if there is anything else the @HowieHawksin tech team can do to support you

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

GreenMaps is a volunteer effort, separate from The Green Party of United States.