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End User Issues

Issues which end-users face when using the platform.

Ghost makes a nice and simple web site for end users. But it has:

No GDPR, Its Surveillance Capitalism

Ghost is open source, which is great, but they practice surveillance capitalism. I live in Europe, I need a platform which is GDPR compliant.    All it takes is a little checkbox, saying "Your data will only be used for the purposes of sending you a newsletter. "  Is that so much to ask?   Worse yet, in order to make it GDPR compliant, you need to make massive changes to the configuration.   The default  Casper theme's home page background image is served from their website and tracks you.  The Gravatars track you.  The CDN serving the Javascrpt JQuery library tracks you.  A lot of their integrations track you (At least Discuss, Google Analytics, Matomo and Piwik),  

Its Not Natively Multilingual

I live in Europe.  We are polyglots, but ghost provides no native support for multi-lingual content.  You have to pay more for a commercial service. 

It is only a blog

Well a blog and a web site.  And a newsletter. It does not do anything else.  A strength of Ghost is that it is quite simple.  Only six content types.  Post, Page, Tag, User, Menu Item and Site.  (Actually page and Post appear to be the same content type, but stored in two different tables).  What if I want a new content type.  Organization, Politician, or volunteer come to mind.  Well you are out of luck.  

Limited Ability to Share Content

The Ghost database can store my Twitter and Facebook Ids, and that is all.   What about Instagram, Twitch, WhatsApp, Discord, Mastadon, YouTube Channels, and all of the other alternative social media platforms?   Any other Social Media links have to be separately managed.  Really? Worse yet, if my friend likes some of my content,  it would be nice if I could export all the articles for a particular tag, and give them to my friend, for him to upload to his Ghost server.  You can't do this. 

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