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My Advice On Building Your Own Website

My Advice On Building Your Own Website

If you are building your own website, here is my advice.


Choose the correct platform.  You can read the articles at the bottom of this page on that topic.

Help Users Find You

I recently tried a Google search for a candidate. No luck. The MSM throttles Green party Information. Make sure that your twitter account, your state party web site, and GreenMaps.US all link to your web site. That is why it is important to make sure that your web site is listed on your twitter bio, on GreenMaps.US, on your state party web sites. Really the GreenMaps should be on the home page of, otherwise how do people find candidates, local parties and caucuses, particularly in those states whose web sites are out of date.

Add a Map

If you are running in a state wide election then add a map to your web site.  It is only a single line of HTML.   Here are the examples.  Just look at the source code to see the required HTML.  And then ask @NotAlexNoyle to configure the map tile server for you.

Add Uncensored News

If you want users to return to your website, then add a new feed with uncensored news.  Here is an example.  A few lines of html.  Ask for help. 

Circumvent the Media Blackout

If you want to circumvent the media blackout, then add AddToMany to your web site.  Better yet get a Discord account and a Mastadon account for your campaign.  Help is available on both.

  My Advice On Building Your Own Website

  Choosing a Software Platform

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