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Comparison with Elections Database

Comparison with Elections Database

This page shows which candidates are in the GP elections database, but not in green maps.

Results Generated Just Now

Name Office GP Database GreenMaps
1 Abigail Hunter Judge of Elections Pittsburgh, PA Abigail Hunter 11/2025
2 Adam Morse Sewer Board Freeport , ME Add ME 11/2024
3 Andrew Moses Yanez Oliva Judge of Elections Reading, PA Andrew Moses Yanez Oliva 11/2025
4 Anna Trevorrow City Council Portland, ME Anna Trevorrow 11/2025
5 Bert Schultz Inspector of Elections Philadelphia, PA Bert Schultz 11/2025
6 Cassandra Martineau Taxing District Windham, CT Cassandra Martineau 11/2025
7 Charles Krich Taxing District Willimantic, CT Charles Krich 11/2025
8 Dagmar Noll Town Council Windham, CT Dagmar Noll 11/2025
9 Diane Whalen School Board Sabattus, ME Diane Whalen 11/2024
10 Emery Ng Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate Windham, CT Emery Ng 11/2025
11 Hugh Birdsall Zoning Board of Appeals Clinton, CT Hugh Birdsall 11/2025
12 Jay Sweeney City Auditor Falls Township, PA Jay Sweeney 11/2027
13 Jay Ting Walker Judge of Elections Pittsburgh, PA Jay Ting Walker 11/2025
14 Joseph Wetmore Town Board Lansing, NY Joseph Wetmore 11/2025
15 Leif Smith Constable Redding, CT Leif Smith 11/2023
16 Matthew Reitenauer School Board Topton, PA Matthew Reitenauer 11/2025
17 Megan Parks School Committee Lewiston, ME Megan Parks 11/2023
18 Michael Westerfield Board of Assessment Appeals Windham, CT Michael Westerfield 11/2023
19 Ryan Whitehouse School Board East Millinocket, ME Ryan Whitehouse 11/2024
20 Samantha Pree-Stinson Board of Estimation and Taxation Minneapolis, MN Samantha Pree-Stinson 11/2025
21 Scott Harriman City Council Lewiston, ME Scott Harriman 11/2025
22 William Pilkonis Judge of Elections Scranton, PA William Pilkonis 11/2025
23 Danielle Gray School Board Sangerville, ME Danielle Gray 08/2024
24 Samuel Pfeifle School Board Gray, ME Samuel Pfeifle 06/2024
25 Desiree Bailey School Board Wiscasett, ME Desiree Bailey 06/2024
26 Jessica Tremblay Water District Trustee Alfred, ME Jessica Tremblay 06/2024
27 Larry Whittington School Board Dixfield, ME Larry Whittington 06/2024
28 Scott Avery Selectboard Casco, ME Scott Avery 06/2024
29 Kevin Rogers Select Board Naples, ME Kevin Rogers 05/2024
30 Abe Currin Community College Board of Education Umatilla County, OR Abe Currin 05/2025
31 Alex Polikoff Fire District Corvalis, OR Alex Polikoff 05/2025
32 Brian Powers Fire Protection District Hubbard, OR Brian Powers 05/2025
33 Chloe Flora Health District Baker County, OR Chloe Flora 05/2025
34 David Spanagel Library Trustee Lancaster, MA David Spanagel 05/2024
35 Bryan Moss Town Meeting Member Shrewsbury, MA Bryan Moss 05/2024
36 Sam Evans Neighborhood Council Los Angeles, CA Sam Evans 05/2023
37 Mireira Alejandra Moran Neighborhood Council Los Angeles, CA Mireira Alejandra Moran 04/2023
38 Brian Benford Common Council Dane County, WI Brian Benford 04/2023
39 Peter Schwartzman Mayor Galesburg, IL Peter Schwartzman 04/2025
40 Steve De La Rosa Library Board Village of Villa Park, IL Steve De La Rosa 04/2025
41 Adam Harkins School Board Southport, ME Adam Harkins 04/2024
42 Kyle Cadman Neighborhood Council Los Angeles, CA Kyle Cadman 04/2023
43 Alexander Robinson Neighborhood Council Los Angeles, CA Alexander Robinson 03/2023
44 Matthew Glaser Neighborhood Council Los Angeles, CA Matthew Glaser 03/2023
45 Anthony Del Plato Village Trustee Village of Interlaken, NY Anthony Del Plato 03/2025
46 Ann Ingersoll School Board Moscow, ME Ann Ingersoll 03/2024
47 Maureen Chipullo School Board Corinna, ME Maureen Chipullo 03/2024
48 Jennifer Billings Select Board West Paris, ME Jennifer Billings 03/2024
49 Robert Lindblom School Board Solon, ME Robert Lindblom 03/2024
50 Wayne ‘Chip’ Johnson Selectboard Solon, ME Wayne ‘Chip’ Johnson 03/2024
51 Daniel Monahan Selectboard Trenton, ME Daniel Monahan 12/2023
52 Jordan Barnett-Parker Selectboard Lincolnville, ME Jordan Barnett-Parker 12/2022
53 Audrey Thayer City Council Bemidji, MN Audrey Thayer 11/2024
54 Christopher Henderson Water Board Hampden, ME Christopher Henderson 11/2023
55 David Grover City Council Trinidad, CA David Grover 11/2022
56 Jane Jarlsberg Water District San Bernardino County, CA Jane Jarlsberg 11/2024
57 Jeremy Petty Selectman Sabattus, ME Jeremy Petty 11/2023
58 John Abraham *Abe* Powell Fire Protection District Montecito, CA John Abraham *Abe* Powell 11/2024
59 Josiah Dean City Council Dufur, OR Josiah Dean 11/2024
60 Matthew Clark Community Services District San Mateo County, CA Matthew Clark 11/2024
61 Michael Clary Soil and Water Conservation District Coos County, OR Michael Clary 11/2024
62 Randy Marx Water District Board Sacramento County, CA Randy Marx 11/2024
63 Ross Lawrence City Council Eastport, ME Ross Lawrence 11/2023
64 Sharron Parra Community Services District Hyampom, CA Sharron Parra 11/2024
65 Sylvia R. Chavez City Council Calipatria, CA Sylvia R. Chavez 11/2024
66 John Neptune Tribal Council Indian Island, ME John Neptune 10/2024
67 Jamie Cooney Village Trustee South Corning (Village), NY Jamie Cooney 09/2022
68 Stephanie Hagenbuch School Board Lebanon, ME Stephanie Hagenbuch 07/2023
69 Jason Dolloff Selectboard Peru, ME Jason Dolloff 07/2023
70 Jeff Manter Town Council Veazie, ME Jeff Manter 07/2023
71 Patricia Patnaude School Board Oxford County, ME Patricia Patnaude 07/2023
72 Sharon Moss Town Meeting Member Shrewsbury, MA Sharon Moss 06/2023
73 Daniel Lutz Conservation District Jefferson County, WV Daniel Lutz 06/2024
74 John W. Farrell Conservation District Summers County, WV John W. Farrell 06/2024
75 Joyce-Palmer Fortune Select Board Whately, MA Joyce-Palmer Fortune 06/2023
76 Nat Fortune Town Moderator Whately, MA Nat Fortune 06/2023
77 Patrick Milligan School Board Androscoggin County, ME Patrick Milligan 06/2023
78 Nicole Springer School Board Passadumkeag, ME Nicole Springer 06/2023
79 Matt Donohue Circuit Court Judge OR Matt Donohue 05/2026
80 Bob Gifford County Board Portage County, WI Bob Gifford 04/2022
81 Jodi Brasslett School Board Stetson, ME Jodi Brasslett 03/2023
82 Quincy McCourt City Council Susanville, CA Quincy McCourt 03/2024
83 Daniel Frye Selectboard Carmel, ME Daniel Frye 02/2023
84 Cliff Yankovich City Council Lowell, MI Cliff Yankovich 11/2023
85 Daniel Welsh Town Board Lewisboro, NY Daniel Welsh 11/2023
86 Ira Richards Soil and Water Conservation District Warren County, VA Ira Richards 11/2023
87 Kat Bruner James City Council Ferndale, MI Kat Bruner James 11/2023
88 Michael Bagdes-Canning Borough Council Cherry Valley , PA Michael Bagdes-Canning 11/2023
89 Rick Duff Township Fiscal Officer Mifflin, OH Rick Duff 11/2023
90 Rob Derry Board of Police Commissioners Clinton, CT Rob Derry 11/2023
91 Tara Yaney Borough Council Edgewood, PA Tara Yaney 11/2023
92 Thomas Adams Soil and Water Conservation District Montgomery County, VA Thomas Adams 11/2023
93 Timothy Barnes City Council Lafayette, CO Timothy Barnes 11/2023
94 William Stokem Water Board Mendocino County, CA William Stokem 08/2023
95 Ivy Turner School Board Perry , ME Ivy Turner 08/2022
96 Rebecca Hennessey School Committee Northfield, ME Rebecca Hennessey 06/2022
97 Hugh Moore Neighborhood Council Los Angeles, CA Hugh Moore 06/2023
98 Daniel Jackson School Board Waldoboro, ME Daniel Jackson 06/2022
99 Glenn Dochtermann Selectmen Albert, ME Glenn Dochtermann 06/2022
100 Chris Parker Select Board Sabago, ME Chris Parker 05/2022
101 Michael Sonnleitner Community College Board Portland, OR Michael Sonnleitner 05/2023
102 Matthew Moncreaff Select Board Princeton, MA Matthew Moncreaff 05/2022
103 Desiree Scorcia Selectman Boothbay, ME Desiree Scorcia 05/2022
104 Carl Petersen Neighborhood Council Los Angeles, CA Carl Petersen 05/2023
105 Barbara Dahlgren Conservation Congress Milwaukee County, WI Barbara Dahlgren 04/2024
106 Ed Williamson Health Board Houston, MO Ed Williamson 04/2023
107 Sandy Lezon Library Board of Trustees Warrenville, IL Sandy Lezon 04/2025
108 Edward Tar Larner Housing Authority Concord, MA Edward Tar Larner 03/2024
109 Ronald Deegan Selectboard Bryant Pont, Woodstock, ME Ronald Deegan 03/2022
110 Bruce Delgado Mayor Marina, CA Bruce Delgado 11/2022
111 Carolyn Dixon Governing Board Member Santa Rosa, CA Carolyn Dixon 11/2022
112 Dana Silvernale School Board Humboldt County, CA Dana Silvernale 11/2022
113 David Clark School Board of Trustees Cardiff By-the-Sea, CA David Clark 11/2022
114 Evelyn Pridemore School Board Redford Township, MI Evelyn Pridemore 11/2022
115 Jacob Coan Governing Board Member Eureka, CA Jacob Coan 11/2022
116 Laura Esperanza Surls School Board of Trustees Canyon Township, CA Add CA 11/2022
117 Mark Dyken Governing Boardmember Calaveras County, CA Mark Dyken 11/2022
118 Michael Stewart Soil and Water Commission Greenville County, SC Michael Stewart 11/2022
119 Robert ‘Bob’ Wichert Water District Sacramento County, CA Robert ‘Bob’ Wichert 11/2022
120 Adriana Bohm School Board New Castle County, DE Adriana Bohm 05/2023
121 Don Crawford Library Board St. Elmo, IL Don Crawford 04/2023

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