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Green Maps Comparison with Elections Database

Green Maps Comparison with Elections Database

This page shows the difference between candidates in the elections database, and on Green Maps. If you are logged in, the results were generated just now.

On the Map, but Missing from the Elections Eatabase.

In the Elections Database, but missing From The Map

GP Database GreenMaps
1 CA Miguel Guillen Miguel Guillen School Board
2 CA Ryan O’Neil Ryan O’Neil School Board of Trustees
3 CA Michael Ernest Kerr Michael Ernest Kerr U.S. House of Representatives
4 CA Colton Douglass Epperson Colton Douglass Epperson City Council
5 CA Ronnie Odneal Ronnie Odneal School Board
6 CA John Bailey John Bailey Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District
7 CA Stephen Zollman Stephen Zollman City Council
8 CA Juan Manuel Figueroa Community Services District
9 CA Donna Yutzy Recreation and Park District
10 CA Daniel Kramer Community Services District
11 CA Samantha Hinrichs Fire Protection District
12 CA Brian Donahue School Board
13 CA James King School Board
14 CA Bruce Delgado Bruce Delgado Mayor
15 CA Robert ‘Bob’ Wichert Robert ‘Bob’ Wichert Water District
16 CA Laura Esperanza Surls School Board of Trustees
17 CO Iris Boswell Iris Boswell U.S. House of Representatives
18 CT Keith Foster Registrar of Voters
19 CT Ken Krayeske Attorney General
20 CT Jean de Smet State Senate
21 CT Brian Gay Brian Gay Registrar of Voters
22 CT Hugh Birdsall Hugh Birdsall State Representative
23 CT Michelle Louise Bicking Michelle Louise Bicking Governor
24 CT Michael Oretade Michael Oretade State Senate
25 CT Douglas Lary Registrar of Voters
26 CT Michael Harris Registrar of Voters
27 CT Don Alexander Don Alexander Registrar of Voters
28 CT Don Alexander Don Alexander State Representative
29 CT Cassandra Martineau Cassandra Martineau Lieutenant Governor
30 CT Justin Paglino Justin Paglino U.S. House of Representatives
31 CT Mary Sanders Mary Sanders U.S. House of Representatives
32 CT David Bedell State Senate
33 CT Sherri Danaher Conroy Registrar of Voters
34 DC Natale ‘Lino’ Stracuzzi Natale ‘Lino’ Stracuzzi Delegate to U.S. House of Representatives
35 DC Joyce Robinson-Paul United States Representative
36 DC David Schwartzman City Council
37 DC Darryl Moch Chairman of the Council
38 DC Chris Otten City Council
39 DC Joyce Robinson-Paul Advisory Neighborhood Commission
40 DC Anna Roblin Advisory Neighborhood Commission
41 DC Kimory Orendoff Advisory Neighborhood Commission
42 FL Robin Denise Harris State House of Representatives
43 FL Brian Patrick Moore State Senate
44 HI Emma Jane Pohlman Emma Jane Pohlman U.S. Senate
45 HI Melissah Shishido State Senate
46 HI Kapono Souza State Senate
47 HI Nick Nikhilananda State House of Representatives
48 HI Summer Starr State House of Representatives
49 IL Brad Ahrens Brad Ahrens U.S. House of Representatives
50 IL Mark Buettner Water Reclamation District
51 IL Toneal Jackson Water Reclamation District
52 IN Jacob Bailey Jacob Bailey U.S. House of Representatives
53 IN David Wetterer Secretary of State
54 MA Michael Lavery Michael Lavery State House of Representatives
55 MA Juan Gabriel Sanchez Secretary of the Commonwealth
56 MA Gloria Caballero-Roca Gloria Caballero-Roca State Auditor
57 MD Anthony Williams Anthony Williams Board of Education
58 MD David Jeang David Jeang State Senate
59 MD Jon Foreman Jon Foreman State House of Delegates
60 MD Dan Robinson County Council
61 MD Charlotte McBrearty State House of Delegates
62 MD Nancy Wallace Nancy Wallace Governor
63 MD Patrick Elder Lt. Governor
64 MD Renaud Deaundre Brown State House of Delegates
65 ME Heather ‘Betsy’ Garrold Heather ‘Betsy’ Garrold State House of Representatives
66 ME Fred McCann Water District
67 MI Kevin Hogan Governor
68 MI Destiny Clayton Destiny Clayton Lieutenant Governor
69 MI Larry Hutchinson Larry Hutchinson Secretary of State
70 MI Wade Roberts Wade Roberts State Senate
71 MI N. Jefferey Sparling N. Jefferey Sparling State House of Representatives
72 MI Eric Borregard Eric Borregard State House of Representatives
73 MI Sherry A. Wells Sherry A. Wells University Board of Regents
74 MI Robin Lea Laurain Robin Lea Laurain University Board of Trustees
75 MI Susan Odgers Susan Odgers University Board of Governors
76 MI Tom Mair Tom Mair County Board of Commissioners
77 MI Gerard Akkerhuis Gerard Akkerhuis State House of Representatives
78 MO Randall Holmes County Executive
79 MO Don Fitz Don Fitz County Assessor
80 MO Jerome Bauer Jerome Bauer City Recorder of Deeds
81 MT Steve Kelly State House of Representatives
82 MT Gary Marbut Gary Marbut State House of Representatives
83 NC Joshua Bradley Joshua Bradley City Council
84 NC Michael Trudeau State Senate
85 NC Matthew Hoh Matthew Hoh U.S. Senate
86 NJ Barry Bendar Township Committee
87 NY Howie Hawkins Howie Hawkins Governor
88 NY Gloria Mattera Lt. Governor
89 OR Dan Pulju U.S. Senate
90 OR Mike Beilstein U.S. House of Representatives
91 OR Shauleen Higgins City Council
92 PA Christina ‘PK’ DiGiulio Christina ‘PK’ DiGiulio Governor
93 PA Michael Bagdes-Canning Michael Bagdes-Canning Lt. Governor
94 PA Jay Ting Walker Jay Ting Walker State House of Representatives
95 PA Richard L. Weiss Richard L. Weiss U.S. Senate
96 SC Charla Henson-Simons Charla Henson-Simons State House of Representatives
97 SC David Edmond David Edmond State Agricultural Commissioner
98 SC Larry Gaither Larry Gaither U.S. House of Representatives
99 SC Patricia M. Mickel Patricia M. Mickel State Superintendent of Education
100 SC Michael Stewart Michael Stewart Soil and Water Commission
101 SC David Whiteman Soil and Water Conservation District
102 SC Nancy Jocoy Soil and Water Conservation District
103 TN Ronnie Henley Ronnie Henley U.S. House of Representatives
104 TN Ronnie Henley Ronnie Henley State Senate
105 TX Delilah Barrios Delilah Barrios Governor
106 TX Alfred Molison Alfred Molison Commissioner of the General Land Office
107 TX Hunter Crow State Railroad Commissioner
108 VA Blaizen Buckshot Bloom Blaizen Buckshot Bloom School Board
109 VA Audrey Clement Audrey Clement County Board
110 VA Garry Hubbard Garry Hubbard U.S. House of Representatives
111 WI Sharyl McFarland Sharyl McFarland Secretary of State
112 WV Dylan Parsons Dylan Parsons State House of Delegates

Candidates Present on the Map, but Missing From The Elections Database

0 texas Hunter Wayne Crow

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