Queonia Zarah Livingston

Queonia Zarah Livingston (PA-32) lost against a dead Democrat, and is challenging the election result, and running in the by-election. She needs our help.

Office:  State Representative
Location:  District 32, Pennsylvania
Party:  Green Party
WebPage:  https://ZarahforPA32.com
Phone:  412.612.6522 (text first pls!)
Address:  Pittsburg
Mastodon: Please follow @TurboKitty@Mastodon.green

Please be aware that the following may censor us.
Twitter:  @ZarahForPA32

She needs three types of help:

  1. A campaign team that wins her this special election.
  2. A legal team responsible for challenging the previous election's results.
  3. Financial help.

You can follow Zarah's challenges at @ZarahforPA32 at her campaign managers site  @OneMouthMusic- fb, ig, tw, linked, @gmail or by searching twitter hashtags -- #LivingHistory #LivingHistory2022 #LivingHistory2023.

Campaign volunteers will have three basic responsibilities:

  1. Responding quicky to any petition required. 
  2. A "chain letter" style hybrid one-off canvassing and recruitment message to build momentum from the engaged without burning out voter activation tired of hearing about elections; and
  3. Making sure that we have at enough people at the polls to prevent any corporate funded shenanigans this time.   That very short video is too funny, such a clear sign of corruption.

Full Disclosure.  Zara ran as a Green, but has applied to run as a Democrat in the special election.  That would give her a lot more resources to represent us.  
It makes sense for them to select her, since her values are in line with local district's.  But we expect the Democratic Party to reject her, at which point she is committed to running as a Green.

@NotAlexNoyle — Today at 1:54 AM

The fact that Zarah has committed to running as a Green again if it weren’t for these circumstances inspires confidence. She has my backing. These rules are crazy and totally out of our control. Let me know what I can do to help from Montgomery County.