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Comparing NationBuilder and GreenMaps

Comparing NationBuilder and GreenMaps

NationBuilder is for wealthy parties to surveil and manipulate their voters. They are not in the business of circumventing the media blackout, nor running resource constrained campaigns.

NationBuilder solves a very different problem from what Green parties and candidates need..  NationBuilder is for the rich Democratic and Republican parties.  Sure it puts up websites, but I suspect its focus is tracking people across platforms and manipulating them with advertising.    California is the largest US Green Party, but their NationBuilder website is not at all impressive.  Worse yet, it costs them money, paid to a presumably republican-run company.   

What I find quite unbelievable is that Green Parties would select Nation Builder, and make all of their information and their visitors information available to a company who is free to sell it to the Democrats.  I could imagine visiting a Green Party website running NationBuilder, and then being targetted on Facebook by anti-green ads. 

Surveillance capitalism is not what the GP needs.  It is not our core problem.  Our core problem is circumventing the GP media blackout, and responding to mass media lies.  HR-1 is last weeks example.   This morning’s example  about Russian and Hunter Biden is the newest one. Please read Glenn Greenwald for more information. I do trust him and Snowden.  Nation Builder is not focused on our needs. 

And what recourse do we have if Nation builder decides that the California Green Party is about to win a gubernatorial race, and shuts down our server?    Hard to believe?  Well Twitter already cancelled Howie Hawkins, (later restated), Mdm Robin Hood (Who lost 3000+ followers.  The internet giants even banned the US president, and any reporting on the ex president.  Do we really want to host with the big companies.  I think not.   There is a good reason to make ethical decisions. 

I also suspect that Nation Bulder does not make it easy to put up a website for every candidate.  Supposedly it has that feature, but I have not seen any Green party actually use it.   Last year a huge number of green Party candidates did not have a website.  Embarrassing.  And so easy to solve.   We need to support not only the state party, but also all of the local parties and candidates.   


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