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Green Party of Alaska

Green Party of Alaska

Green Party of Alaska

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Green Party of Alaska

In 2020, the Green Party of Alaska nominated Jesse Ventura for president.  This was a violation of the Accreditation Committee Requirements.  So voted to disaccredit the Alaska Green party.  During that process, the Alaska Green party chairman resigned, but retained ownership of the Party registration with the secretary of state.  

The Alaska government recognizes the Alaska Green Party as a limited Political Party.  Wikipedia recognizes he Alaska Green party.    During the presidential campaign Green Maps delisted the Alaska Green Party.  But since there are no other Green Parties in Alaska, they are now listed again. 

What should you do?  I have no idea.  My job is to provide you with the needed information, so that you can make your own decision.  

Why is Alaska important?

After Maine, Alaska is the second state to implement ranked choice voting.  This gives third parties a great opportunity.  

Also Alaska is the hardest hit by climate change.  The arctic is warming faster than the rest of the planet.  The sea ice no longer reaches the shore.  The permafrost is melting.  Without the sea ice, and frozen shoreline, the coast is eroding.   Also the sea levels are rising globally.  The eskimo villages have to be relocated.  It is an environmental disaster. 


Local Parties

Alaskans for Better Elections on Twitter Alaskans for Better Elections
Tanana-Yukon Green Party
Alaska Southcentral Greens

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