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Vermont does not have a affiliated Green Party, but VT Green activists are working to change that.


Twitter:  @GreenPartyVT
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Focus:  State Green Party
Address:  Vermont


The Vermont Greens are currently unaffiliated with GPUS and must get rerecognized by the State of Vermont. Local organizers are working to get Green activists across the state connected and communicating. Getting recognized as a political party will take work, so stay posted as we get up-to-date information up on this site.

Local Parties

Vermont Young Ecosocialists YES on Twitter Vermont Young Ecosocialists YES

Social Media

It is alleged that Facebook and Twitter throttle our traffic, so please try the alternatives. Follow Uncensored News on Mastodon, join the Unofficial Green Party Discord Server or use the subscribe button below to connect by email. Better yet, send me a personal email.

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