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Twitter Direct Message Groups

Twitter Direct Message Groups

Twitter Group DM's circumvent the MSM blackout, on a mainstream platform. Here are the ones I know about.


You won't be able to join a group yourself, but if you follow the contact person, and ask to join, they can add you. 

Contact Person Group Name
@Green_Maps GP State Twitter Accounts
@Green_Maps Texas Green Party
@Green_Maps State RCV/NRCV Ballot Initiative groups
@Green_Maps Green Party Candidates Group DM
@Green_Maps Green Party T-shirt Designs
@Green_Maps GP CiviCRM Group DM
@Green_Maps New Jersey Green Party Group DM
 @Mathemattic Maryland Twitter Group DM
@Green_Maps GP State Green Party DM Group
@Green_Maps Greens
@Green_Maps Presidential Candidates


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This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.