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T-Shirt Strategy

T-Shirt Strategy

How we intend to use t-shirts to promote the Green Party.

i am very glad to say that two designers have joined the group. The idea is to create t-shirts, and maybe bumper stickers to promote GreenMaps.US and related issues. 

First the background. I really like what @heGreenTShirt1 has done. He has 7 online stores for the 7 key Green Party issues.  Each one features t-shirts for that issue.  We do have an issues section,  I can add his t-shirts to that branch of the tree, but that is a small fraction of the tree. 

The idea is to produce a t-shirt using the US Green Party Maps.  Put an image of the t-shirt in the left hand column of the site. As I did on this page.  




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This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.