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Socialism Vs Capitalism

Socialism Vs Capitalism

People before profits.

  Socialism Vs Capitalism

  Minimum Wage

  Big Companies Ask Regulators To Help Quash Paid Sick Leave Initiatives

  Texas Power Grid Deregulation Cost Texans $28 Billion Over Two Decades

  Covid Relief Bills

  Why America Sucks at everything

  Review of @AOC-led interviews about GameStop

  Biden to Push for Higher Taxes on Wealthy, Most Ambitious Plan Since Early 1990s

  Robots Are Coming for Millions of Blue-Collar Jobs

  The bankrupt Blackjewel Coal Mining Company can Walk Away from Cleaning up Abandoned Coal Mines

  How The Amazon Union Drive In Alabama Is Changing Workers’ Rights Forever

  LA and Oakland teachers: Vote “No” on the deadly deals to reopen schools!

  The Government Just Admitted It Doesn't Really Try to Collect Rich People's Taxes

  Amazon is Fighting its ShareHolders, New York, the FEC, and Politicians

  I helped stop DeJoy's USPS meddling under Trump. Now it's happening again.

  Fossil Fuel Companies Got $8.2 Billion in Tax Bailouts—Then Fired Over 58,000 Workers

  55 US Corporate Giants Paid $0 in Federal Taxes in 2020 Thanks to 'Gaping' Loopholes

  Beyond Bridges and Roads, Bowman Makes Case for 'Care Infrastructure'

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