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Green Party of Seattle

Please consider joining the Green Party of Seattle if you vote in King County.

Green Party of Seattle

WebPage :
Focus:  Local Green Party
Green Party Discord Server
Mastodon Please Follow:@GreenParty@Chirp.Social
Phone:  206-718-1529

Please avoid the following, it has been alleged that they censor content.
Twitter:  @seattlegreens
Facebook Group

Green Party of Seattle

The Green Party supports grassroots citizen movements on a wide variety of issues. Greens have mobilized around climate change, single payer healthcare, ending corporate personhood, ending the war on drugs, rights for all (including marital and reproductive rights) and strong, self-sustaining local communities.

Bylaws of the Green Party of Seattle can be viewed here:

Social Media

It is alleged that Facebook and Twitter throttle our traffic, so please try the alternatives. Follow Uncensored News on Mastodon, join the Unofficial Green Party Discord Server or use the subscribe button below to connect by email. Better yet, send me a personal email.