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Lackawanna County Greens

Lackawanna County Greens

Lackawanna County Greens are committed to environmental and social justice in our area.

Lackawanna County Greens

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Focus:  Local Green Party
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Lackawanna County Greens

1. We support a Pennsylvania single payer healthcare system. This will save citizens, companies, and government money, and provide excellent healthcare to every Pennsylvanian.

2. We believe that counties should be able to raise their minimum wages above the state or federal level. We support Pennsylvania raising its minimum wage to $15/hour.

3. We encourage citizens to become more aware of weatherization projects. We support additional weatherization incentives and funding. This will save citizens money by reducing their energy usage.

4. The LCG is committed to exploring and increasing the county's green energy. We hope to run our Scranton Electric City sign on purely renewable energy.

Although there are numerous improvements that Greens in Lackawanna County fight to provide for our fellow citizens, the above list of platforms is a testament of our commitment to bettering our community.