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West Side Greens

West Side Greens

The West Side Greens are an affiliated Local of the Illinois Green Party serving the West side of Chicago and the near west suburbs of Cook County Illinois.

West Side Greens

WebPage :
Focus:  Local Green Party
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Mastodon: @TurboKitty@Mastodon.Social
Phone:  708-955-6964

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West Side Greens

The West Side Greens are a coalition of local activists and Green Party members working to support the Illinois Green Party and to tackle local issues. Our members come from the west side of Chicago, as well as, near west suburbs. Most of our events are open to the public and while we encourage membership in the party, we are happy for any level of support you are willing to make. Our work relies completely on volunteer time and donated money so if you are interested in Green politics and working for social justice please feel free to contact us to find out how to get involved.

Social Media

It is alleged that Facebook and Twitter throttle our traffic, so please try the alternatives. Follow Uncensored News on Mastodon, join the Unofficial Green Party Discord Server or use the subscribe button below to connect by email. Better yet, send me a personal email.