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Relational Networking

Relational Networking

How to do Relational Networking.

Here is a great article and book about relational networking.  

After many  months fo thinking about this,  I now know how to do this.  Sadly not in time for this year's elections. We have the Facebook and Twitter accounts of all of the US Green Party organizatons.  From that we can get all of their followers, and those that they follow. Even without the API, we can get all of that data.  Twitter lets any user download their own data.  Maybe Facebook does too.  So we have the whole Green Party Social Network.   The tricky part is to  match a twitter user to a facebook user.  That is agains the Twitter terms of Service. So we can just start with Twitter. 

The rest is just some book keeping on top of that graph.  For example, overlaying a phone tree on that graph. 

I had worried about GDPR, but I am not the data administrator.  I just write the software.  Alex would be the administrator. 

Hopefully this can be in place by next year. 


Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.