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Recommended Interview Questions

Recommended Interview Questions

List of proposed interview questions. 

  1. . The cyber attack the Howie Hawkins campaign experienced in Minnessota.
  2. My education.
  3. My travels. How I choose Poland.
  4. American Vs European Health care systems.
  5. Homelessness in Poland Vs America.
  6. Cost of cell phones in Europe Vs America.
  7. Trains in Europe vs the US.
  8. The history of the software. Zope, Grok, Cromlech, Forest Wiki, Maps, Green maps.
  9. The whole issue of Data entry and volunteers.
  10. How Alex felt about entering the data.
  11. Why is it so hard to get volunteers?
  12. The whole discussion of open source vs closed source.
  13. The whole discussion of which is more important Environmentalism or  Socialism. Maybe we can also disagree about that. For fun, I can take the opposing point of view to Alex. 
  14. The whole discussion of the Venture Capitalists in this industry, Nation Builder, SubStack, vs Employee owned coops and Professor Wolff. The whole issue of user privacy and data mining by NationBuilder. GDPR vs anything goes in the US


  1.  Texas Green Party Twitter Group DM.
  2. This weeks events.


I think that would make for a world class interview. Very deeply interesting to many people. We know what we will be talking about, we are just actors on the stage. Would you like to do that Alex?

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