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Plone Conference Proposal

Plone Conference Proposal

Green Party Maps is a hierarchal model of a large distributed organization:  the United States Green Party.  It was built for the  US Green Parties’ 2020 political campaigns.

The model includes organizations: national, state, local and caucuses; people: elected officials, candidates, party officers and volunteers; social media, videos, events, Green Party web sites, and donations pages.

The model supports multiple applications.  There are national and state maps. It is a directory linking to all Green Party web sites and social media.  Any branch of the tree can be turned into an instant website with its own domain.  Every branch displays its news.   Local parties can create recommended voting lists.   There is a Discord Bot  written in Ruby, which works with it. Additional applications are being built.

Green Party Maps is built on the ZODB using Dolmen and Cromlech, and has a number of interesting innovations.   It uses both Pyramid’s views on objects, and schema definitions: originally Zope.Schema and now increasingly JSON Schema with its client side Gui's and dual validation.   Traversal  supports canonical URLs, Web Classes, and Proxy Objects.   There is a technical Ace editor for HTML, CSS, Javascript, CoffeeScript,  JSON, and their folders.  BTree Images, and the Pug editor are maybe the most interesting innovations.

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.