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Online Meetups

Online Meetups

Howie Hawkins Campaign is running a series of Online Meetups, listed below.

Scheduled Online Meetups

Green Party Mapathon, No date set yet. The Howie Hawkins campaign is holding a modern barn-raising, to build a Green Party map.
Green Party Black Caucus Online Meetup. June 13, 10 AM. Pacific Time The Green Party Black Caucus is at the center of events. How can the rest of the Green Party help you. achieve your objectives.
Green Party Young Ecosocialists Online Meetup Sat. June 20th, 10 AM Pacific Time Come and chat with other young ecosocialists.
Dangerous Jobs (Police, Armed Forces, and Firefighters) Online Meetup Sat. June 27th, 10 AM Pacific Time. This meeting is for people in the Police, Armed Forces, (and also Firefighters), who are against repression of citizens. How can we work together to change the system?

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This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.