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On Spanish Language Pages

On Spanish Language Pages

Thank you for the double upvotes on latin characters.  You can now add pages with Spanish names. Sorry it took me a while to get it.    Of course this website should be in English and Spanish.   

The default among developers is that everything is in English.  Only the French write their source code comments in French.  But the real world is not that way.  

At the very least we should make sure that automatic translation of web content in Chrome works correctly.  I am happy to accept bug reports if that does not work correctly.

We can do a lot better than that.   Hopefully soon there will be a lot of volunteers willing to perfect the translations.  

Historically, the’s 
first cousin Plone did so well because it was multilingual.  But it has its limitations. 
Ideally what is visible should be based on your browser language preferences.  And you should be able to edit the content in that language, and have it save to the right place. 

There is a lot more to be said on this topic.  Questions?


I must admit.  I was seriously personally biased.  My most serious apologies.  I thought everyone should speak English and Spanish, and preferably a few other languages.  I speak 5 and a bit of several others.  I want to learn a few more.
Until the Trump Virus hit, there was a weekly polyglot meeting here.  I would wander the tables.  And I missed the annual Polyglot meeting by 1 week. 

My grandfather spoke 15 languages.  But those times were different.  Most of the world did not speak English.  My daughters only speak English.  I have no idea why their mother had them learn Latin. 
If they had studied Spanish, after their trip to Latin America, they would have been functional in Spanish.  “Daddy in any airport in the world, I can read the signs.”  Yes, but… Clear proof that insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids. 

In 2012, I returned from a trip to Panama, and went to the laundromat in Los Angeles.  Everyone was speaking Spanish.  That was when I realized this was a bilingual country.  Sorry Trump does not get it. Biden?


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