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Nov 22 newsletter

Nov 22 newsletter


Welcome to the weekly syndicated newsletter from Hank Conn running to be the next Green Party California senator.  Our goal is to make sure that you have good information about local and national events, and to help Hank and other progressives get elected. 

1. COP26.  What a disaster.   Outraged by the final COP26 Pact, 700 Civil Society Walked Out and Held a  People's Plenary.  The next two COPs will be hosted by the oil producing countries of Egypt and United Arab Emirates,  both places where protesting is illegal. Two important topics were completely missing from the climate talks: Corporate Powers to Sue Governments That Limit Poluiton, and military energy consumption are excluded.    There were frstrations over voices unrepresented in formal COP26 talks    But finally, to cheer you up, here is an honest report from the government (most entertaining), and a warning from a dinosaur that it is best to avoid extinction.   

2. Beyond Oil and Gas Coalition of governments.    I am very pleased that California is one of the early members of the Beyond Oil and gas coalition. And the carbon lobby just suffered their first major defeat.  IT’S THE END OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL (as we know it).  Which is still way too late to prevent  the recent extreme rains which hit previously wildfire-devastated British Columbia  

3. Covid.  Pfizer, and Biontech are making $1,000 every second.  And yet covid infections are rising around the world  Probably because it is easy for the virus to mutate to avoid the vaccines.  Which anyhow do not protect our lungs from infection.  I do believe that We Need to Get Our Priorities Right': Bernie Sanders a 'No' on $778 Billion Pentagon Budget Vote  Worldwide Search Trend For “Died Suddenly” Spikes To Record HighsProfit instead of science: The German government’s COVID-19 policy  

4. China.  it is quite scary how much rhetoric there is in the main stream press about  China, the possibilities of war with another nuclear equipped nation.  Certainly the military bloggers are talking about how the chinese army is growing  Which totally misses the real threat, namely that China is investing most heavily in growing their economy with their belt and road way initiative.  While we can't even pass....  China's Weaponization Of Space  OK  So Many are Shut Out of COP26    .  2021 China Military Power Report: Everything You Need To Know  We Need to Get Our Priorities Right': Bernie Sanders a 'No' on $778 Billion Pentagon Budget Vote      Biden and Xi Agree to Start Dialogue on Arms Control   Biden-Xi summit: an impotent gesture before the danger of war   Historian Alfred McCoy Predicts the U.S. Empire is Collapsing as China's Power Grows      Biden and Xi Agree to Start Dialogue on Arms Control  

5.  The Supply chain problem.   At its core the supply chain problem,  is because of the monopolization of the shipping routes creating profitable bottlenecks. Matt Stoler describes this in his Too Big to Sail: How a Legal Revolution Clogged Our Ports.    He does such a brilliant job covering the history, the law, the economics. One of my favorite authors.   For more info, you can also read his "The Truck Driver Shortage Is Not New. It's Been Happening Ever Since Deregulation".

6.  Atmospheric Methane is 84 times more powerful as a green house gas than CO2. And this week,  satellites discover huge amounts of undeclared methane emissions.  And that is not even covering methane emissions in the arctic

7. The Biden Diaries.  Do you remember the news about Hunter Biden's Laptop?  Well now it is about Ashley Biden's diaries. They were eiher lost or stolen, given to Project Veritas, who did not publish them, but handed them to the Police.    The real news happened when the FBI raided Project Veritas.   Curious. 

8. Congressional News  VIDEO: Why Congress Doesn't Care What Voters Want9

9. International News, Ukrainian President Signs 'Anti-Oligarch Law'  We need to do the same here. 

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