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Lavendar Greens

Issues from the perspective of the Lavender Green Caucus

Hello Lavenders, Many times it's easy to see overt displays of phobias and hatreds and understand how they impact marginalized communities. Those people, generally, don't impact the lives of marginalized people in the same way that supposed allies do when they have implicit biases towards marginalized people. Those implicit biases often manifest themselves in ways which are known as "microaggressions". What is a 'microaggression'? This article from Vox does a good job explaining it: And for those who prefer a visual presentation, this video is quite instructive: Five suggestions for things individuals can do to avoid them: 1. Be constantly vigilant of your own biases and fears. 2. Seek out interaction with people who differ from you (in terms of race, culture, ethnicity, and other qualities). 3. Don't be defensive. 4. Be open to discussing your won attitudes and biases ad how they might have hurt others or in some sense revealed bias on your part. 5. Be an ally, by standing personally against all forms of bias and discrimination.

  Lavendar Greens

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