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Issue Tracker

Here are the changes which I hope to make.

  1.  Home page should be slash. Turns out it is quite easy to do this.  
    1. For SEO, the named page would also be there.  I need to chnage its name to /map-of-local-and-state-organizations.
  2.  Alaska and Hawaii, could be in separate, but easily visible maps. 
  3. Split 2 Action Items.  On some pages actions have 4 items.  On others only 2.  Easy to develop, but a menu with 2 items is terrible from an end user perspective. Split it out into two separate items. 
  4. Accessibility link should not be first.  Make it last. 
  5. Add a share button. 
  6. Add a Discord Link.


Built using the  Forest Map Wiki