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In Praise of nation builder

In Praise of nation builder

i really really like Nationbuilder, and integrating green Maps with it.

So GitHub pages is pretty cool.  But it is still just a file system with html pages.  In contrast nation builder is a proper content management system with content types.   Here are the list of content types.     Github pages has tools for manipulating pages, Nationbuilder has content types for building our custom application.  Much much better. And Nation-builder is in fact a proper tree of objects.  I like that.  Of course we are not currently using any of them, but we can.  I would like to.    I now think that what Is needed is a way to move a single page to nation builder.  Type in the image URL and page URL and have it happen automatically.  Then easy to move over whatever pages Nassim wants to move.  I should be able to build that in a day.  Kind of fun even.  Though not tomorrow.

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

GreenMaps is a volunteer effort, separate from The Green Party of United States.