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In Praise of Github Pages

In Praise of Github Pages

First of all we now have two developers who are interested in Github Pages.  That means 1/2 as much work for me.  And more importantly, what I do not know he knows.  And vices versa.

Secondly Nation Builder is a security nightmare.  David gave me permission to access the site.  I can do anything.  How many developers do you trust with that kind of access.  Github as great security.

Third as a matter of policy we should use Nation Builder as little as possible.  They are expensive.  They are a corporation supporting the corporate parties.  They are not employee owned.

Fourth their tools are limited.  Use GitHub, every tool you can image integrates with it.

Okay, so GitHub pages is fine for static sites.  But what about the news and  press releases. How do we do pagination.  Obviously there are tools to do that kind of thing a very quick search found me.

We still have to extract the content from, maybe not that hard.   

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