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How To Vote

How To Vote

Voting instructions based on the CCC Zoom meeting on October 6th, 2020

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  1.  Introduction
  2.  Register to vote
  3.  How to Vote
  4.  What to do about Voter Suppression
  5.  Avoid Computer Voting
  6. Getting out the vote

1. Introduction

There is a lot of confusion about voting in 2020.  The rules are being changed, and there are those who are trying to undermine the process by providing incorrect information.   In particular there is a huge effort, to prevent people from voting. Here we will do our best to provide you with good information.

In the United States every state sets its own voting procedures.  So make sure that you get the correct information.  Here is a national source of information which we trust .

(Waiting for the URL.)  And as time goes by, the state parties may add better local information to your state page on the map.



2. Register to Vote

So the first thing is to register to vote.  Many states have passed the deadline.   In some states it is still possible.  Check here for your states deadline. (ADD URL)

Even if you are homeless or were a felon, you may well be able to register to vote.  The homeless can provide a cross street, or their local food bank as their mailing address. Check your state rules.

They may try to scare you from registering, saying it is against the law to register a second Don’t believe all that you hear.  check the rules.


3. How to Vote

In general states fall into one of 4 categories.  Some do not allow vote by mail or early voting.  Some allow it, but you need a reason.  Some allow it without a reason.  And some encourage it.

If  possible in your state, please vote early.  That avoids any possible problems on election day.  It gives them more time to count all of the votes.


4.  What to do About Voter Suppression

On election day it is expected that there will be voter intimidation.  In many cases it is illegal.  Here is what the laws say in your state.


And here is what to do if you see it happening.

5. Avoid Computer Voting

Stalin said. “It does not matter who votes.  It only matters who counts the votes. ” The modern version would be “It only matters who wrote the software that counts the votes.”  All voting should include auditable paper voting.  So a computer program which prints out your vote, and allows you to proof read it is barely acceptable.  Nothing less.

Not only is most voting software closed source, and unauditable, but many systems have security flaws, meaning that a hostile foreign power could install their own voting counting software.

Wherever possible please vote early or by mail, to avoid using computer voting.

  How To Vote

  Getting Out The Vote

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