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How to use the Maps to Get Elected.

How to use the Maps to Get Elected.

There are many ways you can use the maps.

There are many ways to use the maps to get elected.  Indeed the maps are many applications. 

First of all they are a directory of your state party.  Make sure that you have a personal relationship with all of the people in your state party.  They are an invaluable resource.  Make sure that everyone in your state party is listed, so that others can find them, connect with them, and have the state party members advise them to vote for you. 

Next the maps are a map.  Look there are not that many Greens out there.  The general advice is that we need to connect with other groups.  Support them and provide them a service.  The idea from @DelilahForTexas is to add other Progressive groups to the maps.  Then the maps become relevant to the entire left.  A few lines of code, and the maps will be able to show progressive organizations on the state maps, but not on the national maps.  Hopefully that will be released today or tomorrow. 

The next thing is to connect with others through Social Media.  Make sure that your state has all of the state facebook groups listed, then post to those regularly.  That is where you will find the hard core Greens.   That is where other greens will build a strong state network. 

But @ChristinaEOlso1 correctly points out that Facebook is an echo chamber.  In the facebook Groups I list you will find passionate Greens, but nobody else.  Recruit them to help you, but you have to reach out on Twitter. 

On your state Social Graph you have all of the state Twitter accounts.  And they have all of their Twitter Followers.  Sadly a lot of them are out of state, but you and the army of pissed off voters you recruited on Facebook should contact each of those people, ask them what concerns them, and ask them to join our coalition.  Ask them to join our Twitter Social Graph, so that you can feed them uncensored news.   Like the news about challenging Nancy Pelosi unless M4A is voted on.  News which does not make it into my untrusted feed, but which other Greens are actually talking about. 

An of course I am not a Politician.  I sit in a little apartment in Poland. So I really do not know how to use the maps applications.  I leave it to you to figure out how best to use them. Together we will figure out how to use them. 



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