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Green Maps UK Plan

Green Maps UK Plan

US elections are over, UK elections are in May 2021. Here is the plan for creating UK Green Party maps. Your advice (and help) would be most appreciated.

The message from the Howie Hawkins presidential campaign,   is that maps of local parties  and candidates are central to helping people engage with their local Green Party.   So here is my analysis of what data is available.  The biggest problem is that I did not find any list of candidats declared to be running for office. 

United Kingdom Green Party

The UK Green party has 364 elected officials.  WOW!   As an American I am so impressed.  Sadly only 4 of them are listed on he websites. 

They have  a lovely map, but I could not click into the elected officials, and there were no candidates listed.  My understanding is that under GDPR elected officials are public figures and so it is acceptable to map them. Is that correct? 

I did not find any list of local  UK.  Green parties.  

Scottish Greens  

I count about 58 branches, each defined by their location.  Quite easy to create all the map pins in the right place, but lots of manual work to enter in all of their social media accounts. 

I count 18 elected officials.  But only 1 has a social media account listed. 

Northern Ireland Green Party

I count 13 elected officials  on their website.  Maybe they are all standing for reelection.  Are their any other dandidates?  Do any of them need a campaign web site?

Other Information

You can learn more abou the maps by watching the Introductory Video.  Lots of new functionality since that was released. 

Most people think of this software as "just maps".  It also supports instant websites for candidates.  Rather than every candidate finding a developer to create a website for them, therre is a template, which all candidates can share, and add content to.  It only takes a few minutes to create a websie for a candidate.  Improvements to any site, can be shared across all sites. 

On Volunteers

Many hands make light work. 

Northern Ireland local parties and candidates can be entered manually.  In a few minutes I can enable that work.  Adding elected officials and party officers is optional.  

The Scottish parties need to be automatically generated from the website list.  Not that hard to do.   Of course finding all of their social media links will be a lot of work.   Initially I can just link to a google search for each party's twitter account.  

There must be a list of English counsellors.  Also quite easy to import, if GDPR allows it. 

While that work is happening, I have to add the GeoJson o highlight England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  Should wales have its own map and outline?

And of course the biggest problem is that I did not see any list of declared candidates.  


Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

GreenMaps is a volunteer effort, separate from The Green Party of United States.