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Google Login and Register.

Google Login and Register.

An overview of what I am doing with Google Login and Register.

It used to be that Google would have a sign on button, one could sign in, and everything worked.  The user could be already registered or not.  So first the Javascript client would ask for Google Oauth permission, It would get directed to Google, the user would sign in, some encrypted data would be returned to the website and logged in, or registered if need be.  All reasonably easy.

Then GDPR came along.

Now the user gets directed to Google, returns, and my web server has to try to log him in.  If he is already registered, he can login.

If it fails the javascript client redirects to a GDPR registration form, and signs him in.  The encrypted data is kept in a hidden field.   Okay, now we get to the candidates.  They are asking for options to endorse/unendorse, volunteer/unvolunteer, become a donor, resign from further donations, subscribe, unsubscribe.  Follow, Unfollow.

Not that hard.  But a bit tricky with GDPR and Google login.  If already registered, go to the correct page and do what is needed.  if not, do a quick capture of the registration information, don’t scare them off with a long form, and then redirect them to the long form.  (if there is one).

Volunteering has the longest form.  Check out the one on Basically after registering, I have to redirect to another form.  Initially not needed.  I just need a flag that a person wants to volunteer, one can then contact them for further questions.  The bigger problem is the volunteer coordinator.  Sites like do not have a volunteer coordinator.

Subscribe, well that is easy.  Endorse, that is also easy.  As are unsubscribe, unendorsed, unvolunteer.

Did I miss something?  Let me get this all working and we will see.



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This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.