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Federal Candidates

Federal Candidates

2022 Federal Canddiates


Matthew How South Carolina

Here are the Candidates not listed on the maps, because I do not have 527 status, and do not want to be subject to Federal FEC regulations.
Congressional: @CongressKate @justin4all2 @JoshMBerger  @ElectShannel @mikegamms @Joe_Manchik  @Gluck4Congress

@MikeForBuffalo  @TomHillgardner

@echro4dc  @ActivistHenry  @CassCongress  

@Phelan4Congress @ActivistHenry  @Cass4Congress

Jacob baily
Presidential Candidates but they have not yet been endorsed. : @TolerForPres @DrRobinHood  @CoachGabe2  @HowieHawkins 


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This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.