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Content Types2

Content Types2

The Forest Map Wiki is a Content Management System.  That means you can add content to it.  What are the content types?

Politician.  Someone running for office.  They can be national, state or local. 

Organization.  It can be a national state or local party or a national caucus or a local caucus.  They have an address, and show up on the map.  

Online Organization. They do not have an address, and so do not show up on the map.  Maybe the national caucuses should be online organizations. 

Map Organization.  The first 4 map organizations are PA, CA, OR and IL.  They are both an organization and a map. 

Map.  Currently the US map is just a map.  So its contact details are not displayed.  Really it should be a Map Organization. Then the contact info would be displayed. 

Event.  This is a get together.  If it is in the future, it shows up on the map. 

OnLine Event.  These do not have a location, so do not show up on the map. 

Meetup.  This is like, a meetup can have multiple events. You can see the past events. 

YouTube Videos.  We are waiting for a new api key, but the software does support adding a YouTube Video. 

Page.  One can also add pages.  They are a bit like directories, and a bit like files. They can have child pages.   This is why I use an object database, rather than a file system. 

Links.  Links are pages with a remoteURL.  They are great for organizing information.  Here is a collection of links about Defund The Police.  I really want us to create a collection of Links about Biden's Track record and his campaign contributors. 

Images, Banners, and Logos.  Logos show up in the upper left hand side.  If a page does not have a  logo, it inherits its parents logo.  They can be a politicians image for example.  Banner ads go across the page.  They are currently not inherited. They are clickable.  Images require a unique name, so are a bit harder to use. 

HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  There are content types for all of these, with syntax checking editors, so if you want to customize the look and feel of your pages, you are able to do so. 

If you need any other content type, please let me know.   It only takes an hour to add most any content type.   More if it needs some custom code. 

I actually have a bunch more, but they are less relevant.  If you login and click the manage option, the menu bar on the manage view has all of the different  content types available. 


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